How to make electronic components production costs lower

The reporter learned from Yantai Intellectual Property Office that Yantai Xinyou New Materials Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of Top Ten Patents of Yantai Patent Award for “a single-component epoxy adhesive with delayed curing triggered by ultraviolet light and the preparation method”. This patent technology explores the use of UV-curable adhesives, responds positively to the national environmental protection policy, saves production costs and improves production efficiency.

Yantai Xinyou New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and its main products, epoxy adhesives and UV-curable adhesives and anaerobic adhesives, have a large share in the market. The patent of “a UV-initiated delayed-curing one-component epoxy adhesive and preparation method” is widely used in the electronic component assembly and camera module assembly industries. Since the implementation of the patent, more than one million pieces have been sold, bringing the company sales revenue of 19,716,200 yuan.

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