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Who We Are

Fansen(Hong Kong) International Trading Co., LTD was established in 2008 and is an authorized agent of many well-known domestic and foreign electronic component manufacturers. We have set up five branches worldwide and maintain close cooperation with the world’s leading electronic component manufacturers. Taking advantage of our international network and localized services, we provide services such as procurement strategy, market analysis, procurement plan coordination, stock supply, bill of materials matching, and inventory realization for our customers. The core idea of our practice in China is to provide engineers with the latest components for the new generation of product design to meet customers’ needs for shorter product development cycles and timely product launches.

We specialize in IC series products widely used in aerospace, communications, the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, instrumentation, security and fire protection, medical equipment, and other fields. We have established a stable business relationship with NXP, ADI, TI, INTEL, ST, MAXIM, ALTERA, etc., and Hong Kong and Taiwan component developers. We enjoy the franchise distribution power of many famous companies’ components. We have a large amount of stock all year round and provide professional customer ordering service.

Our Services

In-stock service

We have hundreds of millions of material numbers in stock, and at the same time we share stock information with more than 100 original manufacturers and large agents around the world, which can ensure that customers do not have to wait for standard delivery dates, and can get the stock at the first time to ensure production efficiency.

Ordering Service

Currently most brands will have an order lead time of 10-20 weeks. On the premise that the customer gives us the delivery schedule, we will prepare the goods in advance according to the customer’s delivery schedule. When the customer’s order comes in, we can deliver immediately, thus helping the customer to save on the purchasing cycle.

Inventory Resale

For factories’ stagnant materials, they can be placed on our platform for free to promote and sell.

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